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2017 Baltimore Jazz Fest Canceled

It is with much regret that we announce the cancellation of the Baltimore Jazz Fest 2017. Many factors went into this decision — including, of course, the difficulty in obtaining funds. BJA was committed to making this a free event, and also one that paid fair wages to its performers; as you probably know, we are an all-volunteer organization with limited time, and ultimately we had to make the decision that while it may have been possible to continue to cut corners and present a smaller and more community-based event, it just did not seem to a good use of our limited time. The Baltimore Jazz Alliance is not primarily a presenting organization, and while this event seemed to be a worthwhile effort, we had to be careful not to let it distract from our main mission – promoting the existing Baltimore jazz scene.

The good news is, there is a lot going on in the area these days. Small festivals and block parties seems to abound, and to be featuring more jazz than they had been recently. The Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks is hosting a great number of free jazz events this summer, and new venues have been popping up for live jazz quite frequently of late. The BJA will continue to do all we can to support live jazz, by promoting these venues (new and old), special events, and artists through our newsletter, website, and social media, and if the time comes when hosting a full scale Jazz Fest seems more like a feasible endeavor, you’ll be hearing from us. Until then, be sure to visit for information about all the jazz going on in the area. Best wishes, and keep swinging.

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Artist submissions for 2017 now closed

Thanks to everyone who submitted their information – we will be evaluating all submissions and will be contacting some of you soon with invitations to perform.

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Now accepting artist submissions for 2017!

We’re pleased to announce we are now accepting submissions for artists to be included in the 2017 Baltimore Jazz Fest, to be held on September 16th. Click below for more information. Submissions accepted until May 15th only!

Artists will be selected by invitation or by application. The application process provides a path for our committee to look at artists in a new way.

Artist Submission Form

All artists interested in being considered should include:

  1. Three songs in the style which you perform. CDs are acceptable but links to electronic versions are preferable.

Links to music on artists’ website and YouTube video(s) are also acceptable.

  1. Biography (500-800 words) please include past performance  and recording credits, education, and relationship to the Baltimore jazz scene
  2. Photograph (300 dpi from 1-3 MB preferred)
  3. Contact information: name of contact person, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail and website
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Announcing Baltimore Jazz Fest 2017

Current plans are for Baltimore Jazz Fest to take place in Druid Hill Park on September 16, 2017. Many more details to follow…

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