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Artist submissions for 2017 now closed
Artist submissions for 2017 now closed

Artist submissions for 2017 now closed

Thanks to everyone who submitted their information – we will be evaluating all submissions and will be contacting some of you soon with invitations to perform.

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  1. Carlos Perez

    To whom it may concern:

    I would like to submit product for your posible consideration for a future date. I have this new project that my company will be working threw out the US and World Markets. The album is due to be released on September 22, 2017 world wide. Since it still do not have hard copies of the product I am sending you the google drive link in which you will find a copy of the new album of Tomasito Cruz “I Am Cuba”.
    Tomasito Cruz was born in Havana and from a very young age proved his talents in music. A gifted musician, singer and song writer Tomasito was raised in Pinar del Rio, Cuba where he attended a vocational school for the Arts “Escuela Vocacional De Arte Raul Sanchez” from the tender age of 8. At age 14 he was admitted to the prestigious National School of Arts “Escuela Nacional De Arte de Cuba {ENA}” in Havana. With prodigal abilities in music he studied piano, trombone, and percussion, as well as vocals. By the age of 19, the talented Tomasito was recruited by top Cuban band, Paulito FG y Su Elite. After a couple of years of touring internationally with the popular band, he chose to seek exile in Miami while the band was performing on US territory.
    Miami was welcoming to Tomasito’s talent and quite promptly he was earning a living in South Florida as a musician. Holding down multiple jobs, during the day he performed as the conga player alongside the house band on a TV and at night he was a regular at a Miami Beach club. His talent was soon recognized by the well-known Celia Cruz which took him in as her orchestra’s conga player. As the youngest member of the band, Celia Cruz and her husband and manager Pedro Knight served as role models for the young artist. Pedro Knight often advised Tomasito to “soar higher” and taking Pedro’s words to heart, he was soon accompanying some of the biggest names in the Latin music industry performing with Willy Chirino, Israel Lopez “Cachao,” and ultimately enjoying a 4 year tenure with Arturo Sandoval.
    In the span of two decades, Tomasito has authored three international best-selling books of music. His titles include The Tomas Cruz Conga Method Volume 1 Beginners, Volume 2 Intermediate and Volume 3 Advanced. All of them are accompanied by an instructional DVD.
    Tomasito has received 5 Grammy nominations and is a three-time-Grammy-winning recording artist for his participation in the productions of Arturo Sandoval’s “Rumba Palace,’ Willy Chirino’s “Son del alma,” and Alejandro Sanz’s “No es lo mismo.” “Candela” was his first album as a solo singer, songwriter and producer and was nominated in Spain as the best album of Cuban music in 2010.
    Tomasito, inspired by his love for the diverse rhythms found in his native island is excited for the upcoming release of his most recent album, “I Am Cuba.” In this latest journey, Tomasito fuses the diverse beats enjoyed throughout Cuba with a refreshing yet glorious energy that only a talent like his can achieve.

    Check out his new CD & music.

    Band Name: Tomasito Cruz
    Contact Name: Carlos Perez
    Agent/Agency: The 360 Group Inc.
    Phone: (305) 582-4138
    Location: Base out of Miami

    Please let me know if there is any other information I can send to you in order for you to familiarize yourself a little more with Tomasito Cruz. Thanks you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in a near future.


    Carlos Perez
    (305) 582-4138

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